Dr Cara Wilson wins Innovation Award

12 Apr 2023
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Dr Cara Wilson together with Dr Arlene Casey have won an Staff Recognition Award for Innovation.

The Innovation award is given to an individual or small team (max 15 people) that uses creativity to develop novel approaches to challenges or improve the workplace. It recognises ambitious and bold ideas that improve the University and makes the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine a better place to work.

Award criteria:

  • Considers situations and problems with fresh perspective; addresses challenges in helpful ways.
  • Views ideas and suggestions in the round; contributes to helping ideas work in practice.
  • Driven to making improvements, always willing to experiment with new approaches to a task, learning from setbacks and using them as an opportunity to grow. 
  • Encourages and supports colleagues, by always being willing to listen, and acting with integrity to find positive solutions. 

Arlene and Cara were jointly nominated for a project on the island of Tiree. They took a group of early-career health-data researchers including data scientists, engineers, social scientists and technologists to Tiree to work together with people in the local community on a five-day residential project. Their aim was to understand what technology means outside the urban digital heartlands and what care means in a rural community by working with a group of older people on the island. Over the course of the project the team gained experience of co-design and public engagement skills. All participants left the island with a much deeper appreciation not just of the techniques learned and each other’s work, but also with an insight into a way of life that is so different to the ones they live as mainly city and suburban dwellers. They established a very good relationship with the community organisation which they plan to develop. 

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