Free 'Digital Play' resource by Professor Lydia Plowman

31 Jul 2020
Young child using digital media


Digital Play is our response to the many people who tell us that they would like to know more about the role of digital media in the lives of the children they look after.  It focuses on young children aged up to five or six and is intended to be useful for educators, students, childminders and others working with parents and caregivers at home or in early childhood education and care settings.

The resource is structured around 8 topics including ‘Screentime’, ‘Digital Toys’, and ‘Staying safe’ with each section including recommendations for further information as well as reference to what the research says on the topic.

Professor Lydia Plowman, Centre for Research in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh, and the lead for the project said: “Parents and others who look after young children sometimes get a bit confused by the mixed messages about time spent playing with digital devices such as phones and tablets. We want to empower them to make informed decisions that feel right for their families.”

Digital Play can be downloaded here