Honorary appointments of top researchers in learning analytics with the school

7 Jan 2016


Professor Shane Dawson and Professor George Siemens have been appointed as honorary professors and Dr. Ryan Baker as an honorary fellow with the Moray House School of Education. The pioneers in the field of learning analytics, Baker, Dawson, and Siemens bring world-class research expertise, extensive social networks, and commitment to innovation and promotion of digital education.

Ryan Baker is Associate Professor of Cognitive Studies at Teachers College, Columbia University. He served as the founding president of the International Educational Data Mining Society (2011-2015), and is currently serving as associate editor of the Journal of Educational Data Mining. His research combines educational data mining and quantitative field observation methods to better understand how students respond to educational software, and how these responses impact their learning

Shane Dawson is Professor of Learning Analytics in the School of Education and the Director of the Teaching Innovation Unit at the University of South Australia. He is a founding executive member of the Society for Learning Analytics Research. Shane's research focuses on the use of social network analysis and learner ICT interaction data to inform and benchmark teaching and learning quality.

George Siemens is Professor and Executive Director of the Learning Innovation and Networked Knowledge Research Lab at University of Texas, Arlington and cross-appointed with the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University. George is a co-founder of and served as the founding President of the Society for Learning Analytics Research. George researches, technology, networks, analytics, and openness in education.