Join us! PhD Studentship explaining the role of "edtech brokers"

3 Jun 2021
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PhD Studentship

We're delighted to announce we are advertising for a candidate to join us, working with Ben Williamson, Centre for Research in Digital Education, and Mathias Decuypere, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, to explore the role of "edtech brokers". 

The studentship will be funded by KU Leuven-University of Edinburgh PhD Studentships and will run from Oct 2021 - September 2025.

The rise to power of new educational professionals: Explaining the role of “edtech brokers”

Education technology brokers are intermediary organizations operating between the commercial edtech industry and state schools. This project examines two types of edtech brokers: “ambassador brokers” that represent either a single technology provider or a selected sample of the ed-tech industry, and “search engine brokers” that function as portals to shape ed-tech procurement in schools. Edtech brokers are new professional experts of evaluation who mobilize evidence-making methods, platform technologies, data and visualizations to provide proof of “what works”, demonstrate ed-tech “impact”, address the gap in professional edtech evaluation expertise in schools, and provide practical guidance to decision makers. The research involves tracing the transnational expansion of edtech brokering and up-close empirical examination of its practical work and effects in schools, by opening up the “black box of edtech brokering” in different national contexts.

Queries about this studentship can be directed to Ben Williamson:

Full details and PhD studentship application 

Deadline: 30 June 2021