Launch of the MSc in Education Futures, Edinburgh Futures Institute

8 Dec 2021
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Launch of the MSc in Education Futures, Edinburgh Futures Institute

A new postgraduate programme, MSc in Education Futures, recently launched as part of the Edinburgh Futures Institute. Several members of the Centre for Research in Digital Education are involved in the development of this new programme, including the programme co-directors, James Lamb and Jen Ross. The MSc in Education Futures is aimed at people who work in or aim to build careers in education and learning settings of all kinds, including formal and informal education, workplace learning and training, education policy, cultural heritage learning and engagement, and more. Participants will critically engage with educational possibilities for the future, and understand how educational knowledge, organisations, spaces and relationships can positively shape societies. Applications for on-campus attendance are now open, with online study applications opening in February. The programme will run for the first time in September 2022.

More information about the MSc Education Futures programme

Fusion teaching and The Future of Learning Organisations module

At a time of considerable social, technological and ecological change, there is a need to anticipate and critically examine the future make-up of educational places, practices and people. This is the purpose of The Future of Learning Organisations, a 10-credit, level 11 postgraduate course, within the Edinburgh Futures Institute. Across 5 weeks, and working on campus or online, we speculatively consider the future function of the educator. We ask whether climate crisis and the threat of further global pandemics calls for different understandings of the classroom and campus. We examine how algorithmic culture and the design of code affect authorship and assessment. Or at least, that is what the course will do after I have put the final pieces in place over the coming weeks, before teaching it as a pilot for the first time early in 2022. 

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Edinburgh Futures Institute

More about The Future of Learning Organisations

In addition to the MSc Education Futures programme, Edinburgh Futures Institute have launched five future postgraduates programmes of study:

MSc Creative Industries

Creative and cultural industries shape our lives, including the ads and movies we see, the music we listen to and the festivals and performances we attend. To create cultural, social and economic value, creative and cultural industries rely on data to generate new opportunities, create new strategies, track effectiveness, and persuade others of their value. This unique programme brings together cross-disciplinary expertise in data analytics, creative thinking, business and law to understand the complex challenges facing the creative industries.

More about MSc Creative Industries

MSc Data, Inequality & Society

What makes societies inclusive? How do data practices describe, amplify or confront inequality? This new programme brings advanced, cross-disciplinary knowledge together with sectors and experts who are committed to building inclusive and equitable global societies. Graduates will have advanced knowledge of the ways in which data practices can exacerbate inequalities but also support projects and policies of inclusion. MSc Education Futures Education, in all its forms, is essential to a thriving society. How organisations, systems and people learn and change profoundly affects our lives, our surroundings and our futures. This MSc is a bold new programme for those who wish to engage critically with educational possibilities for the future, and understand how educational knowledge, organisations, spaces and relationships can positively shape societies.

More about the MSc Data, Inequality & Society

MSc Future Governance

Technology and data are transforming governance across the globe. How we apply ethical and innovative use of data and technology to society’s most pressing challenges is key to how we govern our future world. This programme explores and analyses the challenges and opportunities that big data brings to the future of democracy. It is for critical thinkers who seek to develop leading-edge knowledge to help them shape the world – and their careers – by driving positive change through policy and decision-making.

More about the MSc Future Governance programme

MSc Narrative Futures: Art, Data, Society

We see and shape the world through narrative. The stories that mould our hopes and dreams, that direct our responses to climate change, to economic and political behaviour, are found everywhere: told by human beings and by algorithms. This ambitious new programme combines hands-on creative and data skills development with interdisciplinary and research-led inquiry to enable conceptual and critical understanding of the functions of narrative across art, society and the frontier of digital and computational developments in artificial intelligence.

More about the MSc Narrative Futures

MSc Service Management & Design

Services – how they are designed and managed – are vital to the future of economies and societies across the globe. This innovative new programme integrates service management and service design in the context of a data-driven society, and is taught by academic experts from management, design and data-related fields. This programme will help develop the critical, creative and data skills that are essential to success in the public, private and third sectors.

More about the MSc Service Management & Design