New project to develop Internet of Things networks

We have received funding from the University of Edinburgh's Challenge Investment Fund to research Internet of Things (IoT) networks amongst campus-based and distanced students. 

This project will develop wearable technologies that will enhance our awareness of student communities in an era of increasing online provision, where students ‘attend’ the university but not necessarily the campus itself. The University currently offers a considerable number of online distance programmes, representing a significant community of students that are unable to benefit from current internationalisation projects based locally, and limited in the kinds of interactions they can have with the university and the wider student community. Similarly, our campus-based students are unable to take advantage of important opportunities for cultural exchange with this diverse - yet distanced - international cohort.

With inter-disciplinary expertise from the School of Education, Design Informatics and Architecture, this project will conduct participatory workshops that will give students a voice in designing new technologies to bridge this gap. Wearable networked devices will be developed to foster ‘ambient awareness’ of the international student community: a peripheral appreciation of learning ‘at’ Edinburgh, yet not always present within the campus or the city. These devices will develop research on the ‘quantified self’ and the notion of ‘smart’ educational institutions, as well as offering critical perspectives on surveillance and privacy related to the increasing capture of student data.

The researchers on this project are Jeremy Knox (Digital Education), Sian Bayne (Digital Education), Chris Speed (Design Informatics), Chris Barker (Design Informatics), and Richard Coyne (ESALA, Edinburgh College of Art).

Please contact Jeremy Knox for further information

Image: Keoni Cabral