Seeking feedback on new postgraduate programme in education futures at the Edinburgh Futures Institute

19 Aug 2019
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The Centre is involved in the development of a new postgraduate programme, to be part of the Edinburgh Futures Institute (EFI). The programme is made up of a number of interlinked pathways, including one on Education Futures, which is being developed by Dr Jen Ross. The programme will be interdisciplinary, challenge-led, and have core data and creative skills courses as well as a range of core and option courses for each pathway. The Education Futures pathway will focus on some of the key ideas and topics informing learning, knowledge and education across the whole life course, with an emphasis on understanding the relationships between data and education. It will be designed to appeal to people from all sectors of education and learning, including schools, workplace learning, community education, and higher and further education. The learning aims for the pathway are that students will be able to:

• Understand and critically examine possible futures for formal and informal education.

• Analyse education’s role in shaping and responding to global challenges and social, political, cultural and environmental change.

• Make critical links between education and data-driven innovation, exploring the geographies, mobilities, values, ethics and forms of measurement that come along with greater innovation with, use of, and reliance on data.

Provisional course topics include the future of learning organisations; educating for the future; personalisation, surveillance and anonymity; policy, metrics and governance; education and work; agency and social change; participation, care, inclusion and culture; expertise, literacies, trust and data fluency.

EFI has just launched a ‘market pulse’ survey to learn more about what people think about the proposed programme and Education pathway so far (there are also surveys available for some of the other pathways). If you are interested in the future of education, knowledge and learning, and have thoughts about this programme or might even be interested in studying something like this, we'd be really grateful for your input.

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