19 Nov 2018

SHEILA project MOOC 

The 3-week MOOC based on the findings and research outputs of the EU-funded SHEILA (Supporting Higher Education to Integrate Learning Analytics) project will begin on Tuesday 20th November 2018.  The course will address areas of concern associated with the use of learning analytics such as responsibility, privacy, consent, accountability, adaptibility, interoperability, and personalisation.  It will also discuss the benefits (optimising learning strategies, personalising feedback) of integrating learning analytics in higher education.

'Moving towards Systematic Adoption of Learning Analytics in Higher Education' will be useful to institutions thinking about using or developing their use of learning analytics.  The focus of the 3-week course will be strategy and policy development while using learning analytics effectively, responsibly and sustainably.

This course will be taught by a group of instructors with rich experiences of learning analytics research.  It will equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to plan and implement learning analytics in a complex educational system.

What you'll learn

  • Describe and critically discuss the current state of learning analytics in higher education.
  • Outline and analyze the adoption of learning analytics in an international landscape.
  • Explain and appraise key drivers, challenges, and relevant policies.
  • Apply the SHEILA framework for learning analytics strategy formation.
  • Apply the SHEILA framework for learning analytics policy formation.
  • Address and manage different expectations and concerns among stakeholders.

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