STEM for All video showcase

10 May 2021
Image of woman and child interacting at science centre exhibit

Want to know what your hands have to do with how you think and the design of technology? 

The Move2Learn team of researchers and informal science educators have produced a new video showcasing key findings from the Move2Learn project.  The video, titled ‘3 ways Embodied Learning Can Improve Informal Science Learning’ is part of this year's 2021 STEM for All video showcase running 11-18th May 2021.

The video showcase event brings together US-funded projects highlighting innovations in STEM education through video and discussion.

To take part, and vote for the Move2Learn video, visit the STEM for All video showcase website, participate in the public vote and post to the discussion through the submission form.

Move2Learn is an international collaboration of informal science educators and learning science researchers that aspires to advance understanding of the role of embodied interaction in young children’s learning about science in informal settings.  We strive to contribute both to learning theory and the practical and intentional design of science exhibits and facilitation that will joyfully engage our youngest museum visitors in science concept development.

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