Talking around the globe: upcoming chances to meet our researchers

23 Jun 2016
Andrew Pontzen and Fabio Governato - Andrew Pontzen and Hiranya Peiris

Members of the Centre have accepted a number of national and international speaking invitations for conferences and events in recent months - in destinations as far-flung as Stanford, Singapore, Sydney and Guadalajara. Closer to home we've been speaking or will be speaking in Malta, Leeds, Milton Keynes, Spain and Croatia.

In June, Hamish Macleod contributed to an event in Malta on games and learning, convened by an Erasmus+ project on alleviating early school leaving. Sian Bayne gave a keynote on 'The risks and pleasures of teacher automation’ at the British Educational Research Association annual conference in Leeds. And Dragan Gasevic delivered a keynote at the International Symposium and Roundtable on Learning Analytics: Possibilities, Paradoxes, Pathways in Singapore. Dragan will also be at the Eduworks Summer School in Alicante, Spain in July.

In September, Sian will be at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, giving an invited lecture titled 'new modes of academic knowledge production: assessment born digital'. Jen Ross will be in Sydney, Australia, delivering a seminar and masterclass at the 'transformations in cultural incubation' symposium. And Dragan will be giving a keynote at the Central European Conference on Information and Intelligent Systems in Varazdin, Croatia, and at the 1st International conference on wearable technologies, knowledge development, and learning, Stanford University in November.

Jeremy Knox is keynote speaker at the International Conference on MOOCs, Informal Language Learning, and Mobility at the Open University in October, where he'll be talking about 'Beyond the ‘c-’ and the ‘x-’: new paradigms for MOOC learning'.