Visiting scholar reflections: Dr Tanja Adamus

23 Jul 2018

Reflections from Tanja's visit 16th-20th July 2018

Maybe some of you saw me on campus or talked to me during my stay.  I visited the University of Edinburgh (Centre for Research in Digital Education) as part of the Erasmus staff exchange program from the EU. 

I come from the FernUniversität in Hagen, which is the only state-run distance university in the German-speaking area. With about 75,000 students we are the largest university in Germany when it comes to the number of students and also the only one where all programs (Bachelor’s and Master’s) can be studied either full- or part-time.

I work at the centre for Media and IT in a unit responsible for e-learning and educational technology. There I mostly focus on our programs for staff development and am also responsible for information management. We offer two certificate programs, one in higher education and the other one with a focus on digital teaching and learning in particular. Since September 2017 we also run our own blog: (unfortunately, it is only available in German.)

Visiting the University of Edinburgh I wanted to get further insights into your online programs and digital education research. It was really great to have so many chances to talk to different members of the University’s staff and learn more about the many projects and programs you offer here. I am very impressed what you are doing and researching here, particularly how well-structured your programs in Digital Education are.  I was also a bit jealous of the many communities of practice you have already established as this is something we are currently working on.

Unfortunately, my stay here was only for one week. I want to say a very heartily thank you to all the people I met here and who took their time and talked to me about their research and work.  Especially I have to thank Christine Sinclair and Yi-Shan Tsai from the Centre for Research in Digital Education for being my – very, very kind – hosts for this week. 

If anybody is interested in visiting us in Germany, we will be happy to welcome you!

Dr Tanja Adamus