Welcome to Ben Williamson, Chancellor's Fellow

27 Jul 2018
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We're delighted to announce that Ben Williamson will be joining us at The University of Edinburgh from September 2018 as a Chancellor's Fellow, based in the Centre for Research in Digital Education.  

I am really excited to be a new Chancellor’s Fellow affiliated to the Edinburgh Futures Institute, based in Moray House School of Education. The Futures Institute is dedicated to examining the complex interplays between digital technologies, data and society from interdisciplinary perspectives. 

My research will focus on two key themes related to education. The first is the expansion of educational data infrastructures—the systems constructed to enable information to be collected from schools and universities, then analysed and circulated to various audiences. The second is the emergence of ‘intimate data’ as a concern in education—data relating to students’ psychological states, neural activity, even their genetic profiles, and the implications for increasingly scientific ways of approaching educational policy and practice. 

Studying data infrastructures and intimate data in education will require interdisciplinary collaboration across social and political science, data science and the life sciences. The Edinburgh Futures Institute will be a fantastic base for these important new programmes of research, and to advance my previous research on digital data in education.

Dr Ben Williamson