Beltane Parliament Engagement Fellowship

Between October 2013-March 2014, Dr Jen Ross’s Beltane Scottish Parliament Engagement Fellowship involved her in working with MSPs and other parliament colleagues to explore the theme of “Distance and online learning for an innovative and inclusive Scotland”.

By bringing together Scottish policymakers with students, teachers, thinkers and researchers who have experience with a variety of forms of online education, including MOOCs, accredited courses and programmes, and work-based learning, the aim of this engagement fellowship was to inspire new insights, challenge assumptions, and create a space for discussion of the many fascinating questions, problems and ideas that emerge when the spaces of learning and teaching are reimagined. With a particular emphasis on Scotland’s role in pushing forward an agenda of online and distance education that is geographically, culturally and socially inclusive, Jen’s engagement events combined understanding of innovative current practices and important theoretical debates with imaginative and intelligent visions of what might be possible in the future.

Jen wrote about her fellowship in this blog post.




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