Biology, data science, and the making of precision education

Biology, data science, and the making of precision education

Biological science and data science are being combined to produce new ways of understanding and managing human lives. This project focuses on 'precision education', a novel integration of the biological and data sciences that aims to use genetic, neural and biometric data for targeted teaching and learning. Precision education exemplifies the ways data-intensive sciences are transforming social institutions and affecting everyday lives. Through detailed social scientific examination, interviews with scientists, textual analysis, and digital methods, the project will generate original insights into the ways biological and data sciences are becoming new sources of knowledge and authority in technological societies.


Research areas
Data Society
Research team

Dr Ben Williamson, PI, Centre for Research in Digital Education

Dr Martyn Pickersgill, Co-I, University of Edinburgh 

Dr Jessica Pykett, Co-I, University of Birmingham 

Key contact
Dr Ben Williamson

Leverhulme Trust



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