Cbeebies, playing and learning: consultancy

Guided interaction is support for learning mediated by technologies and people. The hints we provide take the form of a brief suggestion for how caregivers can prepare their child for the CBeebies game, something they could do together while their child is playing, or a follow-up activity. The focus is on points that use parent-friendly language, are easy to understand and easy to implement. No additional resources are needed, other than items that are already in the home.

Interested in knowing more about guided interaction? Click the links below to read published reports on our Guided interaction work.

Plowman L & Stephen C. (2013) Guided interaction: exploring how adults can support children's learning with technology in preschool settings. Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood 12 (1) 15-22.

Plowman L. & Stephen C. (2007) Guided interaction in preschool settings. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 23 (1) 14-21.



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