Code acts in education

Computer software is interwoven with contemporary collective life. The significance of computer software, and the codes and algorithmic processes through which it is written and put into action, is particularly vivid from an educational perspective. Technically, code instructs software how to act, but as code increasingly comes to saturate our world, as an invisible presence in everyday life, it also instructs people to do things. Code acts back on us as the lessons written down in the languages of computer programming, and as an algorithmic curriculum instructing us in new ways of thinking and acting.

The Code Acts in Education ESRC-funded seminar series, led by Ben Williamson at the University of Stirling, focused on education as a specific field in which the problems associated with code are now part of an emerging public policy agenda and media debate.

Find out about the seminar series and read the e-book on the Code Acts web site.

Download the ESRC Code Acts in Education seminar series report  

Research areas
Data Society
Research team

University of Stirling - Ben Williamson (PI), Richard Edwards, Tara Fenwick | University of Edinburgh - Sian Bayne, Jeremy Knox


ESRC Seminar Series: grant reference ES/L001160/1