Consulting young people and teachers about Computing Education in Scotland

In partnership with the Scottish Computing Education Committee (SCEC), this project will to enter into dialogue with teachers and young people about their opinions, hopes and aspirations for computing related qualifications at school in Scotland.

The project will be delivered through a series of online consultation sessions, the output of which will be shared with policy makers in Scottish Government.

Project outcomes:

  • The computing education community in Scotland will be better informed about the needs and hopes of children, young people and their teachers for the future of computing – this knowledge will be integrated into action planning for the SCEC’s ongoing work
  • Policy makers will be better informed about the views of learners and teachers as they plan how to implement the Logan report recommendations
  • Non-subject specialist trainee and qualified teachers will be better informed on the importance of computing education and views of learners and specialist teachers on the proposed changes to computing education
  • The profile of computer science education in Scotland will be raised, continuing the momentum arising from the Logan report
Research areas
Data Education in Schools
Research team

PI Professor Judy Robertson

Dr Fiona McNeill, Scottish Computing Education Committee

Jo Spiller, Data Education in Schools 

Jenni Doonan, Data Education in Schools

Key contact
Professor Judy Robertson

ESRC Impact Acceleration Grant