Digital Cultural Heritage Research Network

The Digital Cultural Heritage Research Network brings together colleagues from across the University of Edinburgh and the cultural heritage sector.

DCHRN is a professional network for people investigating digital cultural heritage issues, including perspectives from diverse disciplines including design, education, sociology, law, cultural studies, informatics and business, and from a wide range of cultural heritage organisations in Edinburgh and beyond. Three events in early 2016 launched the network, which now serves as a valuable hub for expertise, collaborations and ideas in this emerging field. The network continues to hold events regularly, and new members are welcome to join - email if you would like to be added to the email list. 

Lightning talks and presentations from the first DCHRN event.


'Dragon's Den' of cultural heritage experts giving feedback on project pitches - Emily Pringle, Sian Bayne, Chris Breward and Rebecca Bailey


Keynote talk from Jenny Kidd, University of Cardiff



Research areas
Digital Cultures
Research team

Jen Ross, Sian Bayne, Kirsty Lingstadt, James Loxley, Claire Sowton, Chris Speed, Melissa Terras

Key contact
Dr Jen Ross

Academic Networking Fund, University of Edinburgh


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