EdTech entrepreneurship at UoE

This project will contribute to the ambitious aim of Edinburgh leading internationally in ethical EdTech innovation by working with local companies to develop and test an (early years) v2 prototype data-driven Internet of Things EdTech platform (Magic Cloud).  The project will use the prototype to enhance new teaching delivery, research proposals and engagement activities with children and teachers.

The prototype will grow teaching by providing an engaging an in-depth case study of translational research contributing to planned EdTech bootcamps within the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. The project will also support an EdTech commercialisation course for Education Futures for the Edinburgh Futures Institute.


Research areas
Children & Technology
Research team

PI: Dr Andrew Manches

Partner organisations:

Pling Ltd (technical development)

Cramasie (hardware prototyping)

Playable (software development)

Key contact
Professor Andrew Manches

£10,000 Data-Driven Innovation Small Grant Funding – COVID-19