EMBED: European Maturity Model for Blended Education

The EMBED project partnership is established by EADTU (coordinator), connecting KU Leuven (Belgium), Delft University (The Netherlands), Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom), Dublin City University (Ireland) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

This strategic partnership is about innovation in higher education by the implementation of blended education in the partnership and beyond. The partnership consists of frontrunner universities in b-learning European wide for full expert representation. EMBED will create a reference model for developing and implementing blended learning, embracing all levels of an institution: the design of the blended course, organisational aspects such as staff support and training, and institutional leadership, developing policies and strategies making the institution continuously innovative.

It is a maturity model with criteria and instruments to assess the degree of maturity of b-learning and innovation. Connected with this is a framework for change, based on progress markers related to stakeholder-focused outcomes. Internal stakeholders are learners, teaching staff, teaching and learning departments, technology departments and university leadership. External stakeholders, influencing practices and policies in universities: governments, European university networks and the EU level.


The 'European Maturity model for Blended Education' or EMBED project aims:

  • developing and validating a monitor for mapping blended learning practices
  • institutional strategies and governmental policies for blended learning across Europe
  • including criteria to assess their degree of maturity
  • empowering European HEIs in order to achieve up-scaled quality BL programmes and courses by means of professional development activities and community building across institutional frontier

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Research areas
Digital Cultures
Research team

Professor Dragan Gašević

Dr Yi-Shan Tsai

Professor Johanna Moore

Key contact
Dr Yi-Shan Tsai

Erasmus+ European Union


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Focus on: Yi-Shan Tsai

24 Aug 2018
Profile image of Yi-Shan

Yi-Shan Tsai, Research Associate

How long have you worked with the Centre?

I joined the team in 2016 to work on a cross-European project – SHEILA (Supporting Higher Education to Integrate Learning Analytics). Since 2018, I have started to work on two new projects: LALA (Building Capacity to Use Learning Analytics to Improve Higher Education in Latin America)and EMBED (Developing a European Maturity Model for Blended Education).

How do you see digital education and why do you think it's important?