The Learning Analytics Report Card

This project asks: ‘How can University teaching teams develop critical and participatory approaches to educational data analysis?’ It seeks to develop ways of involving students as research partners and active participants in their own data collection and analysis, as well as foster critical understanding of the use of computational analysis in education.

The ‘Learning Analytics Report Card’ (LARC) captures data from an individual student’s course-related activity, and presents a summary of their academic progress in textual and visual form. However, rather than manifesting through hidden and inaccessible institutional data aggregation and analysis, the LARC offers students an opportunity to play with their data; to choose what is included or excluded, when the report is generated, and how it might be presented.

Rather than simply empowering the individual, this process reveals the functioning of the algorithms that increasingly underpin and govern educational decision-making. A pilot LARC will be developed for the MSc in Digital Education programme at the University of Edinburgh, with a view to producing a packaged system that might be used in other online provision.

Key contact: Jeremy Knox

Research areas
Data Society
Digital Cultures
Research team

Jeremy Knox, Ary Aranguiz, Lorenzo Fiamma, Siân Bayne, Dragan Gasevic, Matthew Hammond, Amy Isard


Principal's Teaching Award Scheme, The University of Edinburgh


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