Magic Cloud: ESRC Business Booster

Research areas 
Children & Technology
Research team 

Andrew Manches (PI)

Libby Odai (Research Assistant)

Key contact 

ESRC Business Booster £10,000

13 Jan 201914 Jul 2019

This project works with local educational organisations to explore the potential of an Internet of Things platform for Early Learning.

Informed by research in the Children and Technology group, the Magic Cloud is an Internet of Things platform that wirelessly links soft toys to digital content to support early learning in the home and nursery. The Magic Cloud supports children’s learning through play, song and guided interaction from parents.

In this project, we will work with potential partner educational organisations to explore ways that the Magic Cloud can extend the learning experiences they offer through soft toys they already sell.

Magic Cloud Leaflet


Magic Cloud from Bill Walsh on Vimeo.