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The Manifesto for Teaching Online is a series of short statements first written in 2011 by the Digital Education group at the University of Edinburgh. It was designed to articulate a position about online education that informs the work of the group and the MSc in Digital Education programme it leads. We have recently released a new version of the manifesto for 2016, which can be accessed, commented and critiqued on the project web site. We welcome re-workings, translations and other kinds of interventions on this site.

Although there are many ways of reading the manifesto, one intention was that it be seen as productive in thinking through the design of online education and assessment – something that teachers might find useful and generative. Every point it raises is based in digital education research and theory, but it is primarily intended to stimulate ideas about creative online teaching, and to reimagine some of the orthodoxies and unexamined truisms surrounding the field.

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