New Geographies of Learning: distance education and being 'at' university

This project explored notions of place and institution for the MSc in Digital Education in the School of Education at the University of Edinburgh. Over one year we conducted research in which narrative and visual data was generated by students within the themes of place, home, and institution.

The question of students' identification with their institution is a key strategic issue for recruitment and retention, and also for the quality of the student experience once studies are underway. Our aim was to use the thinking generated by the project to develop new teaching approaches for the MSc in E-Learning and other distance learning programmes, taking into account how to be a distance student is to be immersed in a new geography of learning. 

More information about the project and its outcomes is available on the project web site.


Research areas
Digital Cultures
Key contact
Professor Siân Bayne

Principal's Teaching Award Scheme, The University of Edinburgh 2011