Putting art on the map

This project was funded from a NESTA Digital R&D award, granted to the Imperial War Museum. The Edinburgh team were research partners, alongside the social media company Historypin as technical partners. The project aimed to investigate how members of the public learn from the crowdsourcing of metadata around the Second World War art collection of the Imperial War Museum.

The project invited the public to enrich artworks from IWMs’ First World War art collection with additional contextual, technical and historical detail. We asked questions about particular artworks on social media, through crowdsourcing tools on Historypin.com and at live collaborative events with groups of experts and enthusiasts.

More information about the work of the project is available from the NESTA project home page, where the final project report can be downloaded.

Key contact: Sian Bayne

Image attribution:  © IWM (Art.IWM ART 4434)


Research areas
Digital Cultures
Research team

University of Edinburgh - Sian Bayne (PI), Hamish Macleod, Michela Clari, Jen Ross | Imperial War Museum | Historypin


NESTA Digital R&D fund