Digital Education Hack

Join our DigiEdHack Hack at the University of Edinburgh to connect with other people interested in digital education, innovation, and entrepreneurship to tackle the challenges facing education today, including interconnectivity, interdisciplinarity and sharing of knowledge. Participate in the challenges, meet new and exciting people, and turn your vision into reality! You will have the opportunity to showcase your solutions on a European and global scale, and the best teams can win €5,000 in a global award contest!

Find out more at the DigiEduHack website :

The event programme includes a keynote from Professor Sian Bayne, pitch training, inspirational sessions and (not to be missed) midnight yoga!


The event will bring together students, teachers, researchers and others to take on a variety of digital education challenges, including:

How do we connect all the research that is carried out in Edinburgh?

How can we integrate AR into a classroom to make learning fun and engaging?

How can we use datasets to track the evolution of knowledge?

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The Digital Education Hack event is aligned with the Hacking Distance Learning project.  For more information, please contact Dr Michael Gallagher.


Date of Event
Event Leader
Ana Hibert
Inspace - University of Edinburgh
Research Area
Children & Technology
Data Society
Digital Cultures