Alexia Revueltas Roux

Alexia is a doctoral student of Learning Sciences on the Move2Learn project at the Centre for Digital Education. 

She is interested in engagement and the improvement in methods from an embodied perspective. Her doctoral research project: “What does engagement look like in early science learning?” is about developing a multimodal triangulation method that allows capturing and measuring engagement in younger children when they are at a science centre combining traditional and new tools for it.

She did her MSc in Human Cognitive Neuropsychology at the University of Edinburgh focusing on how social environments (competitive or cooperative) could influences children's executive functions.

Supervisors: Dr Andrew Manches, Professor Judy Robertson, Dr Josie Booth

twitter: @alererou 


Or write/visit here:
Thomson's Land, room 1.10
The Moray House School of Education
The University of Edinburgh
Holyrood Road
Edinburgh EH8 8AQ



Engagement: Defining, measuring and proposing alternative methods of investigation related to embodied learning. M2L Project Meeting. Miami, USA.  18 April , 2018.

What does engagement look like in early science learning? Understanding multimodality in engagement. M2L Project Meeting. London, UK. 2 November, 2018.

Exploring the relationship between engagement and learning: A new perspective. Poster in The 3rd Lancaster Conference on Infant and Early Child Development. Lancaster, UK. 5 September, 2018


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