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9 Aug 2021
Decorative data-generated image of differently coloured shapes on a two-tone background


We’re delighted to have welcomed two University of Edinburgh student interns to the Centre for Research in Digital Education over the last couple of months.  Isabel Duffy and Callum Groeger joined us at the beginning of June to support the development and running of our forthcoming event, ‘How does sound shape our learning space?’ 

The event, which combines a YouTube livestream with a web-based interactive activity will take place on Tuesday 10th August (11am-12pm).  

The team developing the event includes Craig Steele and Daniel Devine from Digital Skills Education and, from the Centre for Research in Digital Education, James Lamb and Claire Sowton.

Callum is a third-year student studying on the School of Informatics (5 year) integrated Master's program.  His degree combines a variety of modules including Data Science.

“The internship appealed initially, because it sounded intriguing to run an online event about data and learning.  

I’m involved in designing the interactive activities that attendees will participate in. I'm doing this with Craig Steele (Digital Skills Education) and in large part following the format he and his team used for Code your own Data Selfie - a Data Education in Schools event run for school-age children. 

One thing I've really enjoyed about the process is the amount of project ownership I'm given.  We discuss and agree a broad focus in meetings but I’ve had the freedom to explore and develop the technical aspects of the activity, then use a cycle of feedback and improvement to develop the final activities included in the event.

The article image (above) represents my personal learning soundscape using one of the tools I’ve developed.  I'm really looking forward to everyone being able to see, hear and experience what we've put together over the past couple weeks.”

Isabel is currently studying an MA Fine Art and will be entering her fifth and final year in September.

“I was drawn to the Public Engagement Intern (Research) role at the Centre for Research in Digital Education because I thought the role would enable me to use and expand my creative skill set. I have an interest in working in public engagement, perhaps within an educational, museum or gallery setting in the future. The internship has provided me with a valuable opportunity to experience key aspects of the process of developing an online event.

I have used my digital art skills from my degree to produce the visuals used to promote the event and produce an accompanying sound piece that will be played during the event.  The sound piece has been developed from information provided by those signing up to attend the event. I’ve also conducted research with James Lamb to inform the development of the activities included in the event.

I’ve really enjoyed working collaboratively with others in areas I know less about such as the coding that works behind the scenes as well as the planning and preparation involved in developing an interactive event of this nature. I have also really enjoyed having the opportunity to be creative with sound and being given space and time to expand my skills in this area.

I’m looking forward to seeing all our work and ideas over the summer come together for this event.  It will be an achievement. I am also excited to see how people react to and engage with the activities that have been created for the event.”

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