Digital skills survey live

20 Jul 2021
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People who have completed digital skills training are being invited to take part in research that gauges its effectiveness. Led by Dr Kate Miltner, the Who’s Coding survey will analyse the outcomes of all kinds of commercially run courses.

Who’s Coding examines adult coding courses (e.g. coding bootcamps or “coding intensives”) in the UK, with a particular focus on how the social locations and identities of programme participants may impact their experiences in their programmes and their success on the job market afterward. 

Private digital skills academies (e.g., coding bootcamps, skills accelerators, coding academies) make impressive promises about what intensive, short-term coding education can do for both individuals and the digital industry as a whole—namely, addressing the “digital skills gap”, democratizing access to the digital industries, and offering a “pathway to prosperity” for marginalised groups. Aside from press anecdotes and self-reports from the coding schools themselves, there is very little data to support these claims on a broad scale.

The Who’s Coding project offers the first UK-wide survey that examines the experiences and outcomes for graduates of coding programmes. Co-funded through EU Horizon 2020 and the Edinburgh City Deal’s DDI initiative, the findings from this study will provide much-needed information about who enrols in private digital skills courses, what it is like to attend one, and what happens to students once they leave.

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