Who's Coding: Investigating UK Coding Course Experiences and Outcomes

Who’s Coding examines adult coding courses (e.g., coding bootcamps or “coding intensives”) in the UK, with a particular focus on how the social locations and identities of programme participants may impact their experiences in their programmes and their success on the job market afterward. 

Coding courses have been promoted as a one-way ticket to a better job, higher salary, and a better life, and this project explores to what extent this is true for the people who attend these programmes. Some of the questions explored by this project include:

  • Who attends coding courses, and why?
  • What are the outcomes for students who attend a coding course, and what are the factors that impact student success both during and after a coding course?
  • What is the impact on the social location of students (e.g., gender, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status) on their experiences both within their coding programme and on the labour market?

This project combines survey and ethnographic methodologies to examine both the bigger picture of coding courses in the UK and to obtain richer, more nuanced data about the day-to-day experiences of the people who attend these courses. Ultimately, this project looks to offer a nuanced understanding of who these coding courses work best for, and why. This project also aims to generate practical guidance for coding courses to foment inclusion within their programs and, expand access to the digital workforce.


Research areas
Data Society
Research team

PI Dr Kate Miltner

Dr Gitit Kadar-Satat, University of Warwick

Key contact
Dr Kate Miltner

European Research Council H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions and the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal Data-Driven Innovation Initiative