New project: Connected policy, practice and accreditation

7 Feb 2023
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Dr Michael Gallagher (Centre for Research in Digital Education) together with Dr Rovincer Najjuma and Dr Rebecca Nambi (Makerere University) have secured funding from the Royal Society of Edinburgh to deliver the project 'Connected Policy, Practice and Accreditation: Connected Refugee Education in Ugandan Higher Education.'

The project will:

  • advocate for and showcase examples of reducing policy barriers to education, internship, and employment for refugees 
  • improve data sharing and transparency procedures among stakeholders (Makerere University, Gulu University, Nkozi University, Bugema University, the University of Edinburgh, the Refugee Law Project, the Refugee Engagement Forum, and refugee student representatives)
  • promote and expand training opportunities for marginalised groups, particularly through the Higher Education Certificate.

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Dr Michael Gallagher