New project with the University of Sydney: Methodological Innovations for Assessing Learning in Digital Spaces.

17 Jul 2017
Hieratic copy of the Teaching of Amenemhat I

Early in 2017, researchers at the Universities of Edinburgh and Sydney were invited to apply for partnership collaboration awards to support international joint working between the two institutions.

The Centre for Research in Digital Education and our partners at the Centre for Research in Learning and Innovation (CRLI) at the University of Sydney have received one of these awards, and over the next year will be collaborating on a project exploring cutting edge methodologies for designing and assessing student learning in digital spaces.

The project partners, Professor Dragan Gasevic and Dr Jen Ross from DE, working with Dr Jen Scott Curwood, Associate Professor Abelardo Pardo, and Dr Amani Bell from CRLI, will develop two strands of work: an approach to multimodal assessment and a framework to analyse learning strategies in digital spaces.

More information about the project on the DE site, and the CRLI site. Stay tuned for news about events associated with this project.