New project with the University of Sydney: Methodological Innovations for Assessing Learning in Digital Spaces.

17 Jul 2017
Hieratic copy of the Teaching of Amenemhat I

A collaboration with the Centre for Research in Learning and Innovation at the University of Sydney, developing and researching innovative pedagogical and methodological approaches to designing and assessing student learning in digital spaces.

Read Lydia Plowman's review of 'Invisibly Blighted: The Digital Erosion of Childhood’

12 Jun 2017


Professor Lydia Plowman has written a book review of Invisibly Blighted: The Digital Erosion of Childhood by Sandra Leaton Gray and Andy Phippen.  The review is published in Times Higher Education (1 June 2017):

New large grant to research full body interactive museum exhibits for pre-school scientists

10 May 2017
Move2Learn logo


Children and Technology have received a large grant to explore how sensing and interaction technologies can be used to help pre-school children think, learn and communicate about science and technology.

Move2Learn is funded by Wellcome and led in the UK by Andrew Manches in partnership with UCL and the Glasgow Science Centre.

Find out more here.

Launch of new Global Challenges Research Fund project

20 Jan 2017
Mountain image


Colleagues from the Centre are collaborating in an exciting new cross-disciplinary research project led by the School of Geosciences at Edinburgh, which will be researching new ways to respond to earthquake and aftershock in crisis regions.

In partnership with Concern Worldwide, the University of Ulster, University of Plymouth, Leeds Beckett University and the British Geological Survey, we will be looking at how we might design educational interventions to help people make decisions before, during and after earthquake.

Wondering and shuffling through the Old Town: a walking seminar and playlist

7 Dec 2016
Edinburgh wandering


Our colleague and doctoral student James Lamb has written about the recent Digital Education walking seminar (led by James with Jeremy Knox): ‘Wondering about the city: making meaning in Edinburgh’s Old Town’, which is accompanied below by Jen Ross’s excellent playlist, ‘Shuffling through the Old Town’.  Do please read and listen alongside if you can: