Centre for Early Mathematics Learning

Professor Andrew Manches will be working with Loughborough University along with the Universities of Bristol, Ulster, Oxford, York, and University College London to establish The Centre for Early Mathematics Learning (CEML). The £8m project will transform understanding of mathematics learning during the early years.

The team of researchers will explore the cognitive, emotional, social, and environmental factors influencing the development of children’s maths skills. Teachers and early years practitioners will be involved developing and evaluating resources that will have positive impact in education settings.

Read the full announcement at the Loughborough University website

Prof Andrew Manches

Centre for Early Mathematics Learning

Research areas
Children & Technology
Research team

PI: Professor Camilla Gilmore (Loughborough)

Team: Loughborough University, University of Bristol, Ulster University, University of Edinburgh (Dr A Manches), University of Oxford

University of York, University College London

Key contact
Professor Andrew Manches

ESRC £90,555