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The Data Education in Schools project is developing an interdisciplinary data education curriculum, mapped closely to existing maths and computing curriculum topic, as well as a set of engaging real world data science teaching materials for teachers. 

The Data Education in Schools project has been devised in consultation with teachers across the region and aims to provide a balance between practical computing skills and data literacies.  

The first professional learning workshops for the 2019-2020 academic year began on 21st September with 'Scratch: Coding for Art and Maths' which introduces Scratch, a block-based programming language that can be used by learners to make art and develop numeracy skills through coordinates, shapes, angles and spirograph drawings. 

Kate Farrell, Director of Curriculum Development and Professional Learning has developed ten workshops suited to teachers who may be new to teaching computing science which have been delivered across three venues to March 2020 - Moray House School of Education and SportWester Hailes Education Centre, and Newbattle High School.  You can find out more about our workshops below.

In light of ongoing discussions across the UK regarding in-person events, workshops and seminars we have decided to postpone all planned face to face workshops.  In the meantime, we will be creating some innovative professional learning opportunities and resources that can be accessed online and which will serve us well beyond the immediate coronavirus situation.

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Professional Learning workshops:

Unplugged: Computing through Games

Unplugged: Explore the Data Around Us

Bot Pedagogy: STEM with robots

Fun Data: Beyond Bar Charts

Scratch: More Games

Scratch: Coding for Art and Maths

Unplugged: Computing Science

Scratch: Animations and Stories

Microbits: Monsters & Moving Sculptures

Scratch: Create Simple Games


The Data Education in Schools project is part of the Data Driven Innovation initiative. Find out more


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Data Education in Schools
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Professor Judy Robertson, Principal Investigator

Jo Spiller, Strategic Programme Director

Kate Farrell, Director of Curriculum Development and Professional Learning 

Tommy Lawson, Schools Technology Advisor

Jenni Doonan, Business Development Manager

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Professor Judy Robertson

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