Responding to COVID-19 update

14 Feb 2021
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Since March 2020 we have been bringing our collective expertise to the academic COVID response, within our own university, sector-wide and globally.  The following summarises our contribution and provides links to our ongoing work.


Pandemic interaction and communication

Online training programme for research partners in Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania

Digital Footprints and Search Pathways (Feb 2021 - Feb 2022)


Editorial in Learning, Media and Technology

Pandemic privatization and digitalization in higher education (Feb 2021)


3K Award (Education International)

Strategic Input

Schools, education authorities and government liaison

School Digital Strategy Steering Group (Chair)

School CV-19 Contingency Group

School recovery (leading campus planning) 

Development of a blueprint for hybrid on/off-campus teaching for the University


Education and Technology Post-Covid, Monash University

Going Online During and After the Covid-19 Pandemic, UCU

DE seminar with Prof. Petar Jandrić, Zagreb University of Applied Sciences, Croatia

Weekly online seminars for teachers (1500+ enrolled)

Teaching resources and planning

Development of resource website for teachers

Partnering with Information Services to deliver training for c800 core Edinburgh staff on online teaching in first weeks of lockdown

Designing and delivering academic development for university Adaptation and Renewal with Information Services: An Edinburgh Model for Teaching Online

Leading developments with the Institute for Academic Development: Edinburgh hybrid teaching exchange (internal link)

Team peer mentoring and support across School for hybrid teaching

Development of COVID-19 resource for teachers

Community engagement

Equipment loan for 30 pupils